Launched with Goal to Become the Leading Global Talent Marketplace and Redefine Selection Assessment with Science and Analytics

Co-founders Alexander Mirza and Dr. Michelle Crosby announced the launch of their game-changing technology platform,, that employs proprietary assessments, data and analytics to match employers with the best job candidates.

HospitalitySoul is an online community by and for hospitality professionals and their most cherished consumers. “Our ambition is to offer an automated solution for all people-centric businesses that are governed by the service profit chain, which links employee satisfaction to customer loyalty and profitability,” said Alexander Mirza. “Starting with hospitality, our decision-sciences will transform how employers recruit and manage talent in leisure, retail, healthcare, financial services, transportation, freight and logistics and other global service sectors.”

Dr. Crosby, an industry veteran and former EVP and Head of Human Resources at Fairmont and Starwood Hotels added, “Existing solutions and executive search firms are both costly and largely ineffective. HospitalitySoul is a disruptive innovation that offers a hospitality specific categorical search engine and employs matching algorithms to connect the right candidates with the right roles and organizations, including computing experience, competencies and culture fit match indexes.”

For its users across all service industries, the platform provides unique value propositions for connections, careers and communities:

Connections. Make new connections, stay current with your colleagues, network and build your personal brand with consumers, influencers and industry leaders. Find a mentor and expand your hospitality professional network globally. Learn about the art and science of breakthrough service from experts and thought leaders in hospitality, travel, healthcare, financial services, retail and other sectors.

Careers. Tell your story, profile your talents and chart your career path. My Profile includes key experiences, skills, personality and culture fit – highlighted in your personal video introduction. Find developmental resources such as e-learning, career pathing, compensation data and more. Search for your next career move in the talent marketplace which also offers recruiters and hiring managers better and more powerful tools including a matching system to source their “best fit” candidates.

Communities. Share service experiences, news about people, events, and happenings with the community. Create or join community groups, with content generated by consumers and industry professionals, organized by function, geography, market segment and interest groups. Share how you are making a difference for your organization and the local community or join a new cause, as we all seek new and better ways to give back.

“ is a revolutionary idea that will change the way brands, operators and owners think about human resources. With the unprecedented global expansion of the travel industry and the ensuing war for talent, it could not come at a better time,” said Ernest Wooden, CEO of the Los Angeles Tourism Council and former EVP at Hilton Hotels Worldwide.

The company’s first product release, slated for May 2018 is SOULHire. SOULHire will change the game in hospitality hiring. Based on proven science and state-of-the-art technology, SOULHire assesses a candidate’s probability of success with regard to job performance, ability to learn the job, interact effectively with other team members, engage with customers and stay with the organization. A combination of online assessments and video interviewing will provide a full picture of each candidate, including both their “can do” abilities along with their “will do” motivations combined with their fit for a particular organization’s culture. These insights will ensure the best hires to create a differentiated and on-brand guest experience.

About, is an online community by and for service industry professionals. It offers its users Connections, Careers and Communities that facilitate brand building, mentorship and learning. The platform employs proprietary assessments, data and analytics to match employers with the best job candidates based on measuring their skills, experience and culture fit.

About is an online hiring technology that provides hospitality employers the tools to hire the right people. It employs decision-based sciences to offer assessments by ten distinct hospitality job families and includes a cultural fit assessment and guided video-based interview tools that are stored in the cloud.

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