Hotel workplace – ‘Will Do’ is passing ‘Can Do’

Hotel workplace – ‘Will Do’ is passing ‘Can Do’
David P. Jones, Ph.D

“Skills are important to performing a job, but in today’s Hotel workplace ‘Will Do’ is passing ‘Can Do’ in finding the best employees.

Every hotel employer knows employee job performance is a complex thing. That’s why, when our team released HospitalityFit, we examined how important it is to gain a picture of both the ‘Can Do’ and ‘Will Do’ nature of a new hire. And as more and more employers ask us to frame their hiring solutions, we found real changes emerging in the workplace.

We’ve heard that it’s not so much whether employees ‘Can Do’ a job that’s today’s challenge; it’s whether they ‘Will Do’ it. Hotel leaders increasingly tell us how important, compared to knowledge and skills, are competencies such as culture fit, dependability, drive to succeed, eagerness to engage with the organization and customers, etc.

To gain a better understanding of just how the workplace, and workforce, are changing, HospitalitySoul set out to find hard data; information to clarify just how important ‘Will Do’ behavior is becoming in shaping workers’ overall job performance. In the process, our colleagues set out to collect job performance, retention, promotion, and other data on tens of thousands of workers who also completed HospitalityFit; ones assembled from hotel companies across the globe.

To replace opinions with hard numbers, our team gathered detailed evaluations of workers’ behavior in areas such as learning, troubleshooting, communicating, and other ‘Can Do’ aspects. They also gathered evaluations of employee behavior in areas such as dependability, drive to succeed, team play, engaging with customers, and other ‘Will Do’ features of performance.

  •    In every organization studied, analyses showed HospitalityFit evaluations of employees’ ‘Will Do’ competencies carried as much, and sometimes more weight, in explaining their bottom line performance than their ‘Can Do’ competencies. No matter where we looked, differences in employees’ performance were based as much on ‘Will Do’ as ‘Can Do’ competencies; with CultureFit a key component of the process.
  •    When it came to ‘Does this employee have the potential to advance?’ ‘Will Do’ competencies carried as much weight as ‘Can Do.’ For the ‘Would you re-hire this person?’ question, evaluations of ‘Will Do’ competencies carried even more weight in determining a supervisor’s answer, indicating that these areas weigh heavily in deciding whether the right hiring decision was made.

These data were so clear, and the research samples were so large, it’s understandable why employers see a growing need to evaluate candidate ‘Will Do’ competencies as part of the recruitment and selection process with the proper types of employment testing tools.

This is what drove the update and makeup of HospitalityFit, and placed new ways to take on recruitment and selection. It’s a new world of candidate screening when it comes to tapping the ‘Can Do – Will Do’ competencies that frame whether a new hire will make the grade. Today, even employee engagement has become a target of HospitalityFit recruitment and selection with the units CultureFit component of HospitalitySoul.